Unique coffee tables Designs

Coffee tables are the Centre piece of the sitting area. It is one of these things on which people emphasize the most. In the past there have been very delicate designs that used to adorn the houses. But as the time is passing and fashion is going on and increasing people want their homes to be such that they show their interests and the coffee tables are one of the best ways to do so. They bring the attention and liveliness to the room. Here are some of the ideas.


Coffee table for ocean lover and geologist:

Ocean and geology are closely related and this brings us to the point where you would want to show it to the people you know then there is no better choice than this coffee table for you.

Designed for animal lovers:

Animals are one of those entities that have been known to brought joy and happiness in our lives being pets. Some people love them so much that they would take a one step further and have a coffee table designed out of wood for them that is like any of their favorite animal.


Puzzled table:

This table carved out of wood is for those who love puzzle games. The table also has the book keeping space beneath it that makes it a very good choice for the book lovers too as they can store their favorite books so that they may read them whenever they want.

Wood in its natural form:

In the movie “Journey to the center of earth” this type of table has been shown but if you are also the person who loves rough and elegant look then this is one of those tables to make a clear statement of your décor ides.

Fishes home your table:

Not all houses are so big that you have an aquarium separately built out. So what you really need is this table that has both, coffee table and your beautiful fish aquarium.

Time keeper’s table:

Time and tide waits for none. We all have heard this proverb and some people take time as a very serious matter this means that person would love to have a clock as their Centre piece coffee table.

These are just few tables to encourage you to design anything that comes to your mind and put them in your name. But keep in mind it should portray really who you are.