Trend of small space kitchen

In the past, when someone constructs the house, the one portion that was constructed on a large space is the kitchen. Because in old times, it was the trend that no matter what space other portions of the house are taking, but kitchen must be very broad and large. And it must contain a lot of windows as well for the purpose of ventilation. This was the trend at old times.


But now this trend has been changed. Let’s see how this trend has changed from large kitchen to small space kitchen.

  • Now people want their kitchens to be smart and small. Big size kitchens are now considered old fashioned. And small space American style kitchens are considered to be latest.
  • For the ventilation purpose, in spite of the windows, now people use that type of latest exhaust fans that do work more efficiently as compared to old style windows.
  • Now the cabinet trends for the kitchen have also changed. In old times, the kitchen cabinets were built without a specific design. Now The unique style of cabinets include the single lane of cabinet either in round shape , either in u-shape , in straight line etc .


  • Last but not the least, in small space kitchens, the paint color must be selected light so that your kitchen looks bright and large as well.