Tips and Tricks for Decorating your Home

Moving house recently…or just want to upgrade your home to add ambiance and harmony to it? Well, below we have some tips and tricks which can bring a new vibrancy to your surroundings if you take care and plan every detail.

One of the tricks that always create almost instant miracles is to change your lampshades, and we advise you to take your time and to shop around for the perfect one, just what the decorating doctor ordered for your lounge, dining room or bedroom.

Another tip that can bring great change is to use paint, to bring instant inspiration. It is not always necessary to paint your whole house if it does not fit your budget at the moment. What can be amazing is when you take a piece of furniture and paint it into a great colour which forms a contrast with your walls. We can assure you that this is a game changer which will turn your bedroom or lounge into a sparkling area.

Another awesome tip is to change your current curtains and invest in new draperies. Choose the perfect colour which will bring new life to your whole dining room and bedroom or lounge. Another tip is to indulge in stylish rods to make them look professional and where you want to add another tinge of inspiration, try some of the marvelous tie-backs you can find in any home improvement shop. This can get rather tricky, because of the beautiful choice available which will be the only thing to give you a headache!


Use your own creativity or if you can afford it consult an interior designer and use contrasting colors which can bring about a whole new atmosphere in your home. Using red and black or even a combination of red and white or any other great combination according to your personal taste which will add inspiration and excitement to the interior of your home.

We advise you to make a careful assessment regarding the accessories in your home. If you are tired of some of your current furniture, vases or figurines we advise you to down size to create space for a few beautiful new buys! Take care not to clutter and to hoard a lot of stuff, this will result in doing more cleaning each day.

Take a good look at your paintings and art you currently have at your disposal. It is not necessary to replace it, but a good idea is to move them from their current place to another room or place. Another great idea is to arrange your photos of your loved ones in a beautiful collage, just at the right spot. This wont affect your pocket, but it can create a beautiful and splendid new look

If you feel you are not creative enough or are looking for new ideas … browse online and get wonderful ideas on the Internet, which you can cleverly, adapt to your own home and … Voila … your home just had a face-lift!