The Russian President Putin’s Palace

putin-homepresident-of-russia-homeThe name “Putin’s Palace “is used by the media for a wonderful and eye – catching large palace located on the Black Sea coast. It is said that this grand palace was built for the personal use of President Putin. The construction of this palace begins during his first presidency.

Stunning Putin’s Place

Let’s have an inside look into Putin’s Palace.

This Italianate palace is structured on 40 acres. It is located a very small distance from Black sea in a small resort type town which is named as Praskoveevka .

(NOTE: With his country within financial crisis, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has handled himself to two luxurious private planes value a total of £100 mil.

These types of photos from the plane’s interior display opulent white leather-based chairs, gold coated trims, a fantastic kitchen as well as conference areas, along with a gym that is going to set any kind of five-star hotel to pity.)

luxry-plane-of-putinplane-of-putin president-russia-pic-of-plane

This beautiful and marvelous palace has its own casino, church as well as four heliports. It also consists of winter theatre , more than one swimming pools , summer amphitheatre , staff apartments as well as tea houses , where everyone just use tea cups full of vodka in the afternoon .

This is the master bed room of Putin’s palace. Putin used to visit the palace regularly to make sure that either the furnishings or decor was okay or not.

The reality behind this palace is that it came to know through media that a couple of years ago, Putin has started construction on this palace by illegal resources . He bravely blew the whistle on a corrupt scheme to make the palace.

Then in 2011, it was heard that this grand palace was sold to one of the close business associates of Putin for $ 350 million.