Staging Your Property – Renting Show Home Furniture – The Benefits

With the current trend in the Real Estate Market, it is not so easy to sell a home as it was in the past. You should think about an efficient way to market your home to make sure that it will result in an effective sales-plan. In the past you could just tidy up the whole place and list it at a realtor … well times had changed. Analyse the psychology behind selling and it can make a major difference to ensure a fast sale at the highest possible price. Nowadays staging had become quite popular. Staging is a strategy to decorate your home and displaying it in the best possible way to instantly get the attention of prospective buyers.


The Importance of Staging


According to subjective realtors those home-sellers who staged their property with luxurious pieces of furniture and designer décor do have an advantage over those who did not stage and thus increasing their sales profit handsomely. This is a great bonus and maximizes your property’s potential to its fullest and of course the extra money always gives your more financial freedom. Taking into account the cost it is quite affordable when you compare it to the increased profit.


What Staging Involves


Staging gives you the opportunity to rent luxurious, quality show room furniture and to use the services of an interior designer or decorator, presenting your home in a manner which guarantee that X-factor to any prospective buyer. This significant first impression can make all the difference to sway a buyer’s estimation and to make your home highly desirous and not just another option to the list of other competing properties. This will give your home the special touch which will result in a quick sale and at a much higher price.


Staging Logistics


Staging can be very basic or just as elaborate as you want it to be and it will depend on your budget. Various businesses are into this niche market to make your property irresistible. In general an expert in interior designing will make an appointment to assess your home, take all the necessary measurements and then draw up an experimental floor plan. With this information at his / her disposal they will plan the most significant layout possible for a very appealing sales campaign. Some companies will only render advice and will use your furniture and décor which are in the home at their disposal, while others have a wide and abundant variety of décor, artworks and furniture and will re-decorate your entire home and prepare it for the inspection of prospective buyers.


Luxury High-end Furniture


Except from the expertise of a designer which is a necessity in staging, another great benefit is to have access to luxurious furnishings which will bring a special touch of class to your property. Such furniture and décor can be rented and it will depend on which company you use, as some have a wide variety to offer. This can be anything from ornaments, artworks, rugs, lamps and super modern and high-end luxury furniture which can be displayed in your home at a reasonable price. Sometimes this furniture can be bought at high discounts, should you become rather attached to some of these pieces.



Nowadays presentation is everything when you want to sell your house and that significant first impression is now easier than ever before. It is a fact that an impeccable staged home sell faster as well as at a greater profit, which make the initial outlay worth while.