Small space décor tips


Not everyone in this world is able to afford the big mansions that can be decorated with all the styling ideas that you watch on TV and in movies etc. in this case what you are needed to do is make your own small place a heaven to live in. it is all about styling and arrangement that how does your place looks like. So, dear readers keep i mind that we all need to take great care for choosing different factors that makes the illusion of small places being big and wide and that’s only possible if you follow some of the core things as mentioned below.


Make your place airy and naturally illuminated:

One thing while decorating your place you need to keep in mind is that keep it airy such that the windows should be purposed completely and also let the natural light come inside your place this is also energy efficient and gives an open feeling.

Color choice for the walls:

It is just a fact that light colors can make place look bigger but what if person doesn’t like light colors a lot? So here’s the thing that make a combo of light and dark but keeping 2:1 ratio of it and you’ll see that your favorite colors will be incorporated very well.


Make use of wall papers or murals to expand the place:

Wallpapers and murals if chosen clearly they can give very effective illusion of place being open and big. It is all about the choice; mostly pathways sceneries are helpful in doing so. Also the forest and tracks sceneries help you make it look really pretty and open. Basically it’s all about 3D illusion wallpaper.


Mirrors present the illusion of place being wide:

If you add full length mirrors for your closet in rooms or in the hallway in front of the entrance it is installed, no doubt it will add artifice of openness to the place you are decorating.

Minimalist furniture:

In the small places you are lucky that you have to buy less furniture. If you buy quality furniture and different fittings by making sure that it doesn’t add too much bulkiness to your place then there’s nothing better than that to adorn your home.

These are some of the very core ideas that will make your small space feel like the most cozy place and better place to live in like any other big place.

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