Living room is a space which is utilized by the family members. It is also known as family room which is designed in a unique way to make the family members as comfortable as possible. In common living room there is space for everything such as space for sitting and watching TV, space for kids gaming and for other activities. Living room is a common room where we spend most of our quality time with our friends and family together to enjoy a movie. The family gossiping is mostly done in living room which has to be nicely painted and furnished.

Living Room

Talking about the paint colors you know that there are a number of attractive and attractive paint colors for the living room that are very pleasing to the eyes. Every person selects that paint color for the living room which is according to his liking and thoughts. You must make sure that the living room furniture has to be in accordance to its paint. White is that universal color whose trend will never let down because it signifies purity, innocence and spirituality. If you have selected a bright and dark color for the main wall of your living room than always go for the light colored curtains and sofas. Many people prefer to have light colored paint for the room like sky blue, grey, light pink and mint green as it gives a soothing and relaxing feeling. Light colors signify peace of mind and purity that is they are most preferred paint colors for the living room.


The furniture in a living room is mostly sofas with pillows matching to the paint, chairs and decoration items to fill the empty spaces of your living room. Lampshades should suit the pillows of the sofas. So having a carpet, with a matching shade completes the look of the room. It has to be in contrast with the curtains and cushions so that it doesn’t look odd and isolated. There are some people who believe to have 2 or more colors together for the living room. One is often a lighter shade while the other is darker. In this way you can have light colored furniture along with darker curtains and pillows while keeping the carpet light. The best contrasts are often of pink and brown palette or sand and sea to give a sensational look to the living room.