Living room is a place where we spend most of our time in doing different kinds of activities. Living room is the space for everyone from adults to kids. In every house the design of living room is different. Some people prefer to have narrow living rooms while others want wide and airy. Once you are sure about the size of your living room the use of proper texture and color is very important to give it a complete look.

Colors of Living-Room

Different color combinations can be used and the colors enhance the architecture. Whenever we choose paint for the living room we have some color combination ideas in our mind already. There are a number of color combinations to be chosen for example if you have small lining room then you must choose a light color so that it looks spacious and airy on the other hand if the room is wider and larger then you must use strong colors to make it look enhanced and attractive.


These days a number of innovative paint colors are available that best match with everything you require. Tea pink, orange, red, mint green, brown, olive green and sky blue are some famous living room colors that are used widely. The furniture also adds colors and attractiveness to the whole of idea of architecture of space. For example if the room paint color is pink then you can keep furniture of white color to make it a contrast. All the decoration is done keeping in mind the contrast according to the particular room color. Wall hangings and sceneries play an important role in filling the space and represent your taste as well. Here I would like to give you some decent ideas to paint your living room with proper settings.