Luxury defined by the house of Lil’ Wayne

home view Lil’ Wayne is the world’s richest rapper and singer. He is one of those people who have been related to their field since their childhood. His real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. and his all the properties right now are worth almost $140Million. He is Grammy award winner of 2008 and not just only people are his fans but also he has made United States President Obama his fan too. He has been blessed with respect, love and riches of this world and that includes his luxury houses and cars that make him one of the richest people.

black art home

Miami Mansion of Lil’ Wayne:

The beautiful house that costs as much as $13 Million is located in Miami in southeastern Florida. The place is spread in the area as big as 15,100 square foot. The house built in 2004 has an ocean view that makes it one of the most desired places in the world. Swimming pool, yacht place, and beautiful art pieces displayed all over house makes it a completely surreal pace to live in.


New Orleans Mansion:

The New Orleans mansion of Lil’ Wayne is spread on vast area of 10,000-square-foot. It has been the place where he lived from 2006 till present and it is o market for sale and is still looking for the right person to own it. The house is tailored to perfection with the marble staircase adorned with gold rim, the fitness room and much more that makes it just remarkable.

house-of Lil’-Wayne-2015
house-of Lil’-Wayne-2015

Kenner Home:

The Louisiana property of Lil Wayne is one of the beauties that you don’t want to miss a look of. This house is on market for sale at $1,700,000 and is spread on over 10,084 square foot. This is the first house ever that rapper owned.

These all houses that he owned were a pure luxury that only rich person like him could own. Till date the information about these are that they are on market for sale and we are looking forward to which would be his new mansion and it is expected that it will be mind-blowing too like these that become a talk of the town.