Linen napkins have rich history around the globe. Firstly, they were sign of elite class manner, but now it is used as a sign of manner. Now, they are popular in cafe or bars where official and formal dining is done, in decent environment.

Colorful Linen Napkins

Linen napkins are used on dining table not only for the sake of elegance, but for functional purposes. Usually, they are placed on laps or some folks prefer them to fix it with their collars. It saves the risk of stain which may get on your dress while dining. Moreover, they are available in market in different impressive colors and phenomenal quality which fetch the glance of every decent eye.

White Linen Napkin

In restaurants these napkin are used in elegant colors e.g. cream, grey, and white. They are set on table in restaurant or cafe in stunning way, so when people approach the table for lunch it is already prepared for their use and they can easily get their napkins on their front table.

Formal Launch and Napkins

These napkins are manufacture of thick material which preserves food stains to it and save dresses from getting any food stains. Their use is not limited to just restaurants, but they are also used in formal places for instead cafe. Table also did not get ready for clients without napkins. In addition, at formal lunch, some people prefer to create their fascinating impression on their guests with the help of these napkins. These napkins are also used at aristocratic daily meal time, as their tables are set by their maids who make sure that dinner table look perfect for their masters.


History of Napkins

Napkins as dining table accessory are introduced by royal class and aristocracy. If we trace the use of napkins, then we came to know it exist since 14th century in Europe and in Asia about 16th century. From then onwards until now they are widely used. They are popular around the world. They are easy to wash without any particular precautionary measures. You can make public appearances without any worrying about your dress neatness and you can also continue your daily activities by using Linen napkins.