Jennifer Aniston Beautiful Home!

Jennifer Joanna Aniston is a very famous American actress, director, producer as well as a business woman too. Aniston became famous and gained worldwide recognition for portraying Rachel Green on the very famous and popular television sitcom. This actress became recognized as one of the 100 greatest female actresses in United States.


The queen Jennifer Aniston keep her busy in real estates from the past few years. Recently she sold her custom Beverly Hills named “ Ohana “ estate for about $ 38 million. The Beverly Hills home of the queen Jennifer Aniston is shown below:

home-of-jennifer home-pic

This beautiful home was designed by a modern architect Hal Levitt. Jennifer Aniston keep on re modeling this home from time to time with the collaboration of designer Stephen Shadley. She hosts frequent gatherings in this home .The queen said that “ The making of the house is as important to me as living in it “

This is the best interior designed living room of her house .Thus , this re modeled home was also featured in Architectural Digest of that month .


Let’s have a clear in depth look at her home

Then she moved on to new house which is 8500 square foot. This is a mid century modern house that is situated behind the high gates on about the land of three acres. It also includes vine yards as well. Her house is so much beautiful that everyone wants to purchase this house.