Ideas For Unique Wall Shelves

The important role wall shelves play in the décor of any room can never be underestimated. Such shelves can be a great feature to keep your place organized, especially in small living spaces, while it is attractive too. A good imagination and lots of creativity is needed in order to decorate wall shelves.

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Ideas for attractive wall shelves:


  1. To add a special touch to your interior décor, place a nice deep wall shelf higher above the bar or on the kitchen wall. This will give you space to display your antique tea pot or those attractive wine glasses and special glassware. We advise you to strengthen the wall shelves with wall studs which will ensure their durability.


  1. Install some corner ledges in a corner of your dining- or living room. This will enable you to display your valuable and most prized possessions, which will be the centre of attraction for your guests.


  1. You can customize your kid’s room too. Use a long displaying ledge which has a plate groove and hang it over your child’s bed or the crib. You should always have to be certain that it is not reachable by the kid. Now you can display something nice inside the plate groove which will attracts the kid’s attention.


  1. It is also a good idea to put a new and interesting touch to your framed wall art. Rather than hanging the wall art, tip the framed art above a wall shelf which must have a rim. Now you can hang a decorative unit of multi-level wall shelves or in accordance with your taste assemble wall shelves at different levels.  To make it even more attractive to look at, arrange the artwork in a manner where one or more smaller prints are placed in front of the larger one. We advise you to use wall studs when you assemble this shelf or for more support, you can attach it to a wall. This can create a stunning focal point.


  1. Another great idea is to create contemporary wall bookshelves by applying shelves which is wall-mounted. To achieve this you have to hang four to six deep tiers which must be of even length on your wall spacing it 10-12 inches from each other. However, you can also choose decorative multi-tiered wall shelves for a different look. Now you can display photo frames, books or vases on these shelves which will provide a clean and stylish look. To give it an orderly look you can cover the books with monotone, simple paper which will give it a fresher look.

We believe by using the above-mentioned tips you can create a great, new look which

can be affordable too.