6 Tips to Upgrade and Repair Your Kitchen?

Upgrades and Repairs for Your Kitchen


The kitchen can almost be called the “heart” or “engine room” of the home. We all have good kitchen-related childhood memories. Sometimes this area needs some repairs or just a brightening face-lift to be brand new again. Here are a few DIY tips that can help you to create a fresh look to your kitchen.


Tip No. 1


With time hardwood surfaces wear off and lose its sparkle whether your cabinets, shelves or counter-tops are made of oak-, cedar-, yellow- or just plain pine wood. Usually your cooking area is the first zone to be repaired or renovated because it is actually the area that we all use most frequently. Firstly, you should scrutinize all the wooden surfaces to assess its condition. Now it’s time to make a list of all the materials you will need to repair this. With wood filler you can fill up the cracks and use sanding paper to clear the access and also to rub over all the scratches and other marks in the wood. After finishing that you will have the clear texture of the wood and depending on taste you can use a product which will give you a clear finish or one with a shine to make it look brand new again. There are various kinds of products you can use on wood and your local home improvement store will be just too happy to help you to choose the right one.


Tip No. 2


When it is your goal to do repairing you should do a good inspection of every corner and surface in your kitchen and check all objects too. Examine all wooden edges regarding chairs, table, shelves and cabinets as well as other pieces in your cooking area to the state of your kitchen sink disposal. Should it be necessary to remove some disposal, a simple trick is to use ice cubes. First sharpen such ice cubes putting it through the blades. Do a survey of your wall decorations, drawer- and cabinet door handles and the castors of all equipment in your kitchen. We advise you to do the simple tasks first and leave the difficult ones for last.



Tip No. 3


Do upgrading of all edges of your furniture in the kitchen; whether you have a wooden round table or a counter top made of marble. In general it is the edges which have the most damage. Use laminating tape or  a self-adhesive one in the correct colour; you can also apply glue if necessary and afterwards use a roller to make it flawless and flush.


Tip No. 4


Invest in hangers for towels as well as other mobile objects to upgrade your walls. Firstly some marvellous hangers can place the perfect accent on your great kitchen-design and brighten the whole atmosphere and secondly of course it must be useful items too for when you are entertaining guests. Hangers can not only be the easiest space savers, but also the best. Large and sturdy hangers in metal with a wood finishing can carry great weight and in this you can display your big and valuable antique objects. Depending on personal taste you can use some small vacuum hangers which can be a perfect solution, both practical and aesthetical.


Tip No. 5


Opt to paint surfaces which are worn and use your own beautiful colour palette. You can choose from soft pastel tones to bold bright colours. We advise you to use a kind of stain-blocking paint especially for surfaces which get dirty easily. Another fine idea is to move objects from its place to another, specifically if you changed the colour. It is advisable to use a gloss finish, it will not only ensure less staining, but because of the reflecting light it will tune up the vibe in the atmosphere during the night time.


Tip No. 6


Invest in new lighting fixtures or if your budget won’t allow it, just upgrade some of the old ones with something splendid. A great enhancement can be to add a lot of small LED-lights to the kitchen-ceiling which can be an amazing game-changer. Another fine idea is to place a few beautiful detailed lamps just at the right spots to upgrade your atmosphere in the “engine room” of the house, which advisably should be removable.