Bathrooms are a necessity for every home and decorating them can be an overwhelming experience especially if they are being designed for kids. Today, there are several different accessories available for this purpose. It is quite difficult to decide what to have and from where to start. If you are in such a confusing situation, then in this article we present to you some easy on budget bathroom ideas.

Bathroom For Kids


  1. BATHROOMS FOR BEACH BUMMERS: Everybody loves to go to beaches but what if you turn your home into a beach? This can be done easily by choosing a color palette, some pictures and signs that have some significance related to beaches. You can have some bucket tins to store sea creature shaped towels and soaps. You can add up an umbrella and some old sun glasses.

 2.CREATIVE COWPOKES THEME: If your child is fascinated by cowboys then you can change his bathroom to a theme like this. Give the walls a look of leather with the help of brown craft papers. Add a saddle for draping towels. You can also do some cowboy art and add old cap guns.

3.ANCIENT DINO DIG STYLE: You can make fossil wall with the help of craft papers and then put on stamps of nautilus, fern and fish skeleton. You can also create some dinosaur tracks on the floors with the help of stencils.

bathroom ideas
Bathroom Ideas