Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Fireplaces are a real focal point in any home and it attracts attention when it is decorated with beautiful mantel pieces even if it is not used regularly. If you have a fireplace in your home and you love a beautiful interior it is almost essential to decorate your fireplace mantel beautifully. Below is a comprehensive guide and if you should follow these tips the ambiance and elegance of your room will be elevated to sheer splendour.


  • Use a variety of artificial fruit to create a more attractive look which is also an affordable way to decorate your fireplace’s mantel. We advise you to use fruits like oranges, lime and lemons which can enhance the entire décor of the mantel. Use your most beautiful crystal vases and bowls to keep the fruit, while you can spice up the arrangement by including flowers in the decoration.

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  • Always take into mind to also decorate the open space just below the mantel of the fireplace. If you neglect this area, your décor would look incomplete. Use beautiful textured fabric or decorative paper to cover this area which will enhance your décor’s overall look. You can also opt to hang or place dried flowers in this open space.


  • If you love an ultra-modern look, add some exotic grass which is possible to grow, for your fireplace mantel. It will look absolutely stunning, although it is rather expensive. You can also use decorative pots and place natural grass inside; this will add a rustic touch to your room’s decoration.


  • Place a beautiful mirror perch onto the top of the fireplace’s mantel which will give brightness and enchantment to your room’s decoration.


  • A stunning arrangement of origami flowers will look nice or use a beautiful topiary which can also be placed on the mantel of your fireplace.


  • During the summer season you can use the area to display attractive items like decorative urns or some pillar candles as the fireplace will not be in use.


  • Always take care when you decorate your fireplace mantel and keep in mind never to put any inflammable material near your fireplace mantel.


We believe that you will like and use the above-mentioned ideas when you are re-decorating the fireplace mantel.