Famous celebrities houses 2015

Celebrities are the people who we all want to know more about especially the ones who are most loved by people. It is well known that the celebs have really expensive and lavish homes and lifestyle but we all want to look at their residence. Although we cannot buy the places right away and that size especially but yes if we want to dream the queens and king’s dream then these are the homes we look at. These here are some of the celebrity homes that will leave you in awe completely as they are really just wonderful.

Jennifer Aniston’s home:

This is how the house of JenniferAniston looks like form the exterior. This big lavish house is the most beautiful place due to all the green surrounding and breathtaking the way it looks. Its backyard is also one of the most impressive things and of course interior takes the heart out of person.A simple pool has made it really sophisticated yet wide open place to be.


UK home of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:

The two divas who are also the most generous ones are quite rich of course. They have travelled and have had houses in many places and the look of their UK house that costs $16Million is here in the picture. Simple looking house has a real class and also suits there family of eight.



Kim Kardashian Past home:

This is the state where Kim Kardashian used to liv. This place is in Beverly Hills but as she sold out this home, she is now planning to have new ones, not one three, one in Miami, one New York and one in the most beautiful of the cities that is Paris.


Miley Cyrus Cove:

The young Miley Cyrus lives in a $4Million home with the beautiful pool. It is just the place where she has a studio of her own too in order to rehearse. She is pretty young and if any of us were in her age it was quite impossible to have this house.



Taylor Swift’s Home, Beauty’s Beauty:

This is the Mansion of none other than love of many people Taylor Swift. This rhode Islan property is worth $17million and is said to be her Summer Home. Who doesn’t wish to have this Summer home?

These were just the homes of some of the princesses of the Hollywood. They have always been the ones who have reigned over her hearts and these were the homes that belong to them. Lavish, classy and stylish living of these stylish divas was presented here. So now you may dream about having the house somewhat like these. The houses costs are very high that is in million dollars and no doubt the houses are so wonderful that they deserved to be paid that much.