Fabrics & Textile Patterns – Professional Ideas

Professionally, experienced interior decorators and designers just have all the know how to make any room or an entire home look gorgeous with their special tricks and secrets. Well, it is true that one of these secrets lies in the fabrics they choose for drapery or upholstery. Almost countless designs and examples of these marvellous fabrics can be found on the internet. We can now take a look and discover how designer fabrics and textile patterns can be applied to your own home and what is really special about it.


Designer upholstery fabrics


When you want to use those luxurious fabrics, it will be usually in your living room and bedroom. We believe that this is because these rooms offer ample space for decorative elements. We should mention that designer drapery and upholstery fabrics just blend in so well with every type of couches, pillows and sofas.


If you love your room to be bright and colourful, we advise you to look at striking coloured fabrics. For instance for your living room paint the walls into a pale brown, for the carpeting you choose crème coloured tones, whilst you choose your furniture in white and to create the necessary luxurious look and feeling choose a dark purple for your sofas. With this you will create an optical comparison amidst the different accents in your interior.


A great idea is to purchase a cheerful fabric with round patterns for curtaining in the bedroom or the living room. We want to suggest that you use such kind of patterns for your decorative cushions and pillows as well as it will blend in beautifully with that too. These delightful pillows and cushions can of course be applied at many other places in your home too, for example in your favourite armchair beside the fireplace, the antique bentwood bench at your hallway, as a plus factor to your bathroom or any other place you would like.


When it comes to choosing the colours for your designer drapery and upholstery, it should be according to personal taste. To create a beautiful and stylish interior do colour blending between the upholstery and the surrounding colour palette or visually create a contrast with opposing colours.