Décor Windows – Stained Glass

People love to decorate their homes with stained glass windows which give their entire home a beautiful and stylish look. Such stained glass windows just sparkle and glitter when the sun is shining, but actually it is at night when the darkness enhances its real beauty. Whenever there is any light inside a room, stained glass emits an elegant and fashionable look. Light fixtures, vases, wall art and sun catchers of stained-glass is immensely attractive, although expensive for decorating your home.

DIY Home Decorating Ideas – Coastal Mantle Decorations by wenlemxy




  • Floral stained glass.
  • Aquatic stained glass.
  • Grapevine stained glass.
  • Contemporary stained glass.
  • Simple stained glass.



By using stained-glass you can elevate the décor of your entire apartment or home in many distinctive ways, kinds and sizes to fit your windows. You can buy the stained glass from online- and craft stores. The decoration of your windows can be custom-made in accordance to your personal taste. Decorating your windows with stained-glass will let your home stand out in your neighbourhood. Always remember when using stained glass to upgrade the windows of your home to keep in mind the theme and colour scheme and the entire décor of your apartment or home.


Benefits / reasons to decorate a home with stained glass:


  • More affordable.
  • Various décor ideas.
  • Flexibility of decoration.
  • Flexibility of subjects.


Use stylish and fashionable stained glass when you want to decorate your home to upgrade the whole environment in sheer style!