Décor tips for homes with kids:

Homes with kids are considered to complete the family. There are many women out there who are in love with decorating their places but they have kids who are always doing one or the other experiment that may end up restricting parents for doing so. In this case all you could think of is decorating the home such that your home décor is kid proof. You may really like to play safe but clever here in this décor department. So here are some tips that will help you proceed with it easily and also bring out your creative self.


Walls to be made kid friendly:

Kids just love to write on some place vertical. And most of the times it turn out to be walls. In this what is the best way to make it possible that your home is not really ruined? Well the first thing that you may do is placing up a white board, giving your child markers and it should be hanged up till his reach and also big enough that he doesn’t run out of space. Another way is to have washable paints in your home and this is the best way to keep your home clean for longer too.


Providing a space for kid to be free:

It is very necessary that your home should have an open place that can also be a separate room for the child or backyard where he/she can be free to move. This is very necessary for the development of the child.


Talk with a child:

When you bring something new to your home, child always get curious. So place the thing at the desired place and when child approaches it do not nag him. Instead talk to child such as “this is something that mommy likes a lot and if it broke it will make me very sad.” These words will surely have effect, plus if you let them touch it for a while in your own presence their curiosity for that particular thing will end and they will not be reaching it in your absence.


Arrangement trick for toys:

Old boxes when painted and tagged make it a great storage place for the toys of the kids. If you have small place and want some extra space then having multi-purpose furniture will do the trick that also works as a great storage place. Plus keeping it in the range of kids is beneficial.


These tricks will help you keep your décor and kids in the home at same time without any hassle. To raise kids you need to be vigilant and calm at the same time. Happy Parenting!