Colors Of Paris, France At Decorationrooms

Paris is one of the cities of world that have made the bucket list of every live person. It is known to be the most romantic and lush city of the world. French people are very well-known for their accent and fashion sense but apart from that what you cannot resist is the scenic beauty of the place.


Paris is the capital city of France that is located along the river Seine. Paris is known as the city of lights because of its extravaganza showy get-up. The city is known to be Centre of fashion and historic values.


Fashion world: Paris is home to many fashion related celebrities that include our most favorite Dior, Chanel, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Clarins, etc. who doesn’t know the dress, style, scent and many other cosmetics. These lines has been the heartthrob of all those who understand fashion. It is considered to be the city where fashion is born. The complete personality of French people is shown off in the way they desire. The streets are always bulked up with the fashion that may inspire you in one way or another. So if you are a fashion freak then Paris is a place for you to visit.


Historical city: Paris is considered to be the city that has history locked in it starting from River Seine which is UNESCO world heritage site, city has number of landmarks that include the gorgeous and mind blowing Eiffel tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, the Louvre Museum and Lido and many more are the part of this city. The city has so many places for you to visit that you will be just amazed at not a day in your stay will be free to do any other thing other than enjoy to the maim.

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Food Hub: Yes, of course when you go to such city the first thing that you want to enjoy is food. The city of Paris is on the second number when it comes to be the Michelin star hotels and eateries. This way Paris is completely a foodies place to visit after Tokyo.

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Sceneries, history, landmarks and food all combine to make Paris s perfect place to spend some vacation and loosen up from all your stress. The city has so many attractions that you will just be left in a complete awe and will surely be packing loads of memories to back home.