Colors of London England

London is a regal place. Once Great Britain used to rule on all the countries that also included sub-continent. This is why people are much impressed with the British culture. The country has been loved by many people especially the wish to visit London is just overpowering.


Everyone wishes to wish this place with palaces and residential city of the Kings and Queens. This is why London has a very high influence. On the other hand the historical background makes this city way more attractive to people who love history and want it to roll in front of their eyes in reality.


Attractive places:Buckingham palace is one of the places that mark the place to be the wonder for all those who are visiting London. People who want to experience the life in the city of kings and queens they usually make their way to London.


Numbers of historic places are there for you to visit, in fact every inch of London has one or another place that has some significance in the history. The place is laid out with perfection of past merging very elegantly with the present modern world.


Shopping love:For all the people who have fashion craze should totally head to the oxford street there are shopping areas that will totally blow your mind with the wonderful newest fashion that you would be able to find. London used to be and is somehow the fashion place to be.


In older times all the regal fashion caught the tide from London and now it still continues to amaze us with the modern fashion blended with eth change in the culture.


Basically England is a Christian country but all the religions are respected and given importance to. People live happily here and tourists gather here from all round the globe whether it is Asian, African, American or any other continent. The country is quite friendly as long as you adhere to the laws of the country and you don’t have problem with the overly damp weather of London.


London is one of those cities that have its own food that you would love; fish and chips are the best things that you may consume in London as they don’t make it that way anywhere else.


With all this the best way to enjoy your trip is in summers as it is way better weather and everything is bright and colorful.