Classroom Decoration Ideas

Classroom is a place where we see discipline and learning environment. It is a place where there is no discrimination and every one student is equal whether he is rich or poor. There is always a positive environment of healthy competition among the students. Class room is a place where kids spend almost 8 hours of the day which is enough time. On the primary level teachers take it very seriously to decorate their class room. As we think of our home decoration, in the same way we should think of class decoration as well because class is the place which should look colorful and beautiful as well. We can make our class room as much beautiful as our home. So here I would love to give you few tips to decorate your class room with the help of different things like charts and colors which are affordable as well as easy.


If you are a teacher on small grades level then you can think of ideas which are informative as well as colorful for the students like a cartoon alphabet which not only impress the students but also give information to them and they remember it easily. A classroom decoration is usually the maps, tables or posters of anything informative or related to their syllabus.

Decoration Tips For Kids

First you need to think an awesome idea considering the rules of your school and type of material available within your estimated budget. After this you have to a theme for your classroom decoration. Choosing a perfect theme will simplify your entire process of doing things in the right direction. In this way classroom looks attractive as well as appealing.

After theme you have to pick the color scheme in a wise manner. You can think of adding 2 to 3 colors in order to give a graceful look to the overall idea. Painting the wall and then matching your decoration according to that is another step forward. Always remember to choose that color scheme in which room looks lighter and refreshing. Avoid choosing darker colors.

Now after color scheme and wall paint you have to move a step forward and focus on posters that not only look appealing but are helpful learning material as well. Of course you can ask from your students and involve them in this entire activity too. The teaching materials would be highly appreciated. Make a team of students and divide them into various groups so that you can assign different tasks to different group. There are endless possibilities of classroom decoration designs and styles.