How Can you Decorate Large walls?

To decorate a large wall, using the most favorable style, is easier said than done. However, when you are using special and significant ideas decorating these large walls, it usually to a great extent, improves the room’s interior decoration, because it attracts great visual attention from everyone. However, a large wall can totally ruin your entire home’s interior if you don’t deal with it in the right and creative way.


You can use various ways to decorate a large wall. At first you should select a decoration style for your wall which has a repetitive motif with large patterns. Should you use this tip it will break down the size of the wall into smaller units with the result that every single section is distinctly smaller than the entire size of the wall. We advise you to use a wallpaper design which you can choose according to your personal taste.

This can be achieved by creating scenery on the wall with the theme you opt for. However, it is always essential to match the landscape of the wall by taking the rest of your room’s decoration, into consideration. If your room are decorated in a contemporary design, the mural should be chosen to blend in with a contemporary theme, to continue the optical connection.

Another idea to break down the largeness of the wall is to use curtains. You can divide the span of the whole wall into three or more sections and then use curtains to limit the large space of the wall. Yet again, remember to take the rest of your decorating theme into consideration.


However, it is not necessary to use other components like photo frames, tiles, wallpaper etc. to decorate the large wall. A nice idea will be to make openings in the wall if you can. This will not always be possible, but if the wall only divides two in-house spaces, this idea can be used with good results where privacy is not important.

If you can create openings in such a large wall, the volume will be broken down immediately and visual connection will be added between the spaces. It is your choice whether you want to use curtains to decorate the new opening.