Bride First Night Room Decoration Ideas


Marriage is the part of human life where one starts belonging to the other person and form anew life where you take care of the spouse and all the family members. In reality marriage is not really having a very big party and some out of this world lavish functions, but togetherness of two hearts, two people and most importantly two families.


Mostly around the globe love marriages are very popular but arrange marriages are always the ones that are liked the best. it is because sometimes you overlook the most important things in life that you need. Anyhow, this debate of love marriage and arrange marriages keep on going but one thing is for sure that after marriage comes the first night of bride in her groom’s house and the first thing that she is gifted with is beautiful bedroom. Here are some ideas about how to decorate the room.

  1. Statement made by lighting:

Lighting in the bride’s room should be kept a little dim as it gives a quite romantic effect, on the other hand flowers on the bed makes a very beautiful outlook. You greet your bride with simplicity but in the beautiful adornment of flowers.

Marriage is the part of human life where one starts belonging to the other person
Give Your Heart Before Bed

2. Flowers and heart:

Marriage is the joining of two hearts so why not represent it in the decoration of the room. It is best to keep the decoration simple as most of the girls do not want too much overwhelmed decoration and the simple heart made out of flowers on the bed will give really subtle love statement.

3. Purity overflown with flowers:

The pure relation of husband and wife when combined with the purity of white color and the bed is decorated like the headband of flowers. It will not only make the regal look but will keep the “too much” factor away from the bed room décor.


4. Composed look with the heart greeting:

The heart pattern is the one that can never be undermined of its properties. It can make even the non-romantic place look romantic. The bed settled in a way that that is heart made out of flowers and the cushions arranged in a proper way will give very composed look.


5. Eatables make room look beautiful:

There is a tradition that different fruits are kept in the room of the bride. The idea behind is that ma you have a fruitful and very healthy lifestyle in the aspect of your coming generation. But also a good way of making husband and wife know each other while nibbling fruits.

First Night Bed

With all these decoration ideas, you will surely be inspired by the simplistic approach as it is always good to have a simple lifestyle.