Bathroom Candles –To Create a Romantic and catchy Atmosphere

For us candles are bound to romanticism and in the bathroom it can create just magic when taking that long, hot, luxurious bath after a challenging day at work. The soft candle light has a calming and healing effect and adding a glass of your favorite white or red wine, can be quite an elixir to a tired body and soul.

Are you a couple? Well… then placing candles in your bathroom will just add the perfect ambiance to spend wonderful moments in the cosines of your own bathroom. We advise you to invest in some permanent holders which will add a touch of class to your bathroom, depending on personal taste. Otherwise you can place small candles everywhere around your bathtub and it will provide you with the same marvelous effect.


However, when you are choosing to use candles there is two rules to remember:


–                      Always take care when you light them.

–                      With marvelous candlelight all other sources of light is prohibited!


Bathroom Candles – Decoration & Accessories


You can choose any place to put them and a wonderful idea is having a niche above the bathtub for all kinds of decorating items, both aesthetical and functional. However, this should have been planned already when the bathroom was designed and lots of folks won’t be able to have such a niche. Another great idea is to put a small table next to your tub which can serve as a place where you can put your candles. This will provide enough illuminating light in your tub area.


Another splendid idea is to create an ambient light with the candles. To be able to create this effect, place your candles close to the corners of your bathroom. Placing approximately three or four candles in this way will be perfect. You can also use the vanity or the sink to place your candles which will also provide natural light.


We believe that everyone would just love candlelight in their bathroom, while dreaming and relaxing.