2016 Wedding Reception Decorations Tips

The decoration at your wedding reception is so important and should be memorable because for a young bride it is her big day, but it can also pose to be a great challenge. There are a variety of different styles which you can use to make a beautiful and impressive wedding reception area. It is always a good idea to choose your decoration style for your reception to flow with your wedding theme. After you had decided what your wedding theme will be, a lot of ideas will come to your mind how to decorate your reception area. Now you can choose between the various styles which will fit in with your wedding theme to make your wedding day unforgettable in so many ways.


By this time you would already had chosen the colors and start to think about the detail which you would like to bring in. A romantic floral wreathe or garland could be perfect to add a special touch to your bridal reception. You can weave the floral garland theme through the whole reception area, repeating it in the aisle, the pews and pulpit area. It will bring about a romantic glow as you repeat it around the edges of the tables, the back of the chairs and around the pillars of the reception hall. To form flowing unity, you can also repeat it on the cake. This can bring in a memorable, elegant and romantic soft touch to your reception area.


Using trees or plants in the reception area can be a stunning idea and you can add some lights or other decorations in these trees and plants to make it even more beautiful. All trees, shrubs or plants can be purchased at your local nursery and afterwards you can always use it at your house.

Table cloths and serviettes in the colors you had chosen for your wedding add more luster and elegance to the wedding reception decoration. There is a variety of ideas to choose to decorate your napkins to add a special touch to it. It is your decision and an idea is to use ribbons or silk flowers to beautify the serviettes. You can use wire and beads to make beautiful serviette rings which will add elegance to your overall decorations.

Adding decorations to the chairs will enhance the look, and you can use bows and repeat the garland wreath on the covers of the chairs. These wedding chair covers can be found in different designs and textures for instance crushed satin, organza, satin, prints, lace, and embroidery or even check prints etc.

To decorate your centre-piece you can use artificial fruits or flowers or of course you can opt for real fruit and flowers too, and the fruit will be an edible decoration! Use beautiful vases for more beauty which will look stunning as a centre-piece, still following the colours of your wedding theme.


Adding an abundance of lighting effects will add stunning beauty to your wedding reception area. It is your choice whether you will use candles, rope lights or even Christmas lights which you can find at affordable prices. Should you opt for Christmas- or rope lights it can be a great idea to wrap it in tulle and then hang it. This will add a special sparkle to your wedding reception which will be memorable to all your guests.


Furthermore it is important to decorate the aisle because it is the path through whiwedding-decoratech everyone will walk to the reception area. Decorating the aisle beautifully will only add enhanced elegance to the rest of your wedding reception decorations. Once again there is various styles to use for such decorations. A great idea, which always works is to use vases of flowers all along the aisle and to add ribbons to even make it more beautiful. This will definitely ensures that your walkway will look unforgettable.

Everything you want to add to your wedding reception decorations is your choice and whether you want to keep it simple or more sophisticated is up to you. You should use your creativity to add your own special touch and lustre to your big day!